Improve Google Adwords Quality Score

Improve Google Adwords Quality Score

PPC is Pay-per-click, a form of internet marketing in which the advertisers pay an amount of money every time any of the ads are clicked on Google search results. It is a paid way of buying visits to any intended website, rather than trying to organically earn those visits through organic methods.

Quality Score is a number which determines the overall quality and relevance of your Adwords ads as well as the keywords. Basically your ad position on Google reflected on the SERPs is based on this particular number. The biggest benefit of having a higher quality score is that it will certainly help in increasing the ROI due to the reason that higher the score will be, lesser you will have to pay for each click. Here are the ways in which you can improve the Google Adwords  Quality Score.

Having Super Small Ad Groups

The recommendation by Google is usually using 15 to 20 keywords in every ad group. In order to get a good quality score, you should make sure that all your keywords as well as the ad and the landing page should be all neatly tied together. If you have more than required keywords in the ad group, there is a strong possibility that your ad will likely not be relevant for every keyword.

If you have fewer keywords in the ad group, it will be quite simple to customize your ad copy around the selected keywords. This is a sure shot way of gaining more control over managing the quality score. SEO companies usually have to modify their PPC campaigns in such a way that they incorporate the best practices for creating various ad groups.

Expanded Text Ads

Google had recently introduced longer text formats which allow you to use ads that are 50 percent longer than before. Make sure that all your ads are as relevant as possible to search queries. In order to take your ads to a new next level, you need to use the new expanded text format. The new format allows up to 50% increase in length of the ads. This will

give you ample space for accommodating long tail keywords and you can still fit relevant call to action and mention the benefits. This will make your ads more relevant and you will have increased CTRs.

Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions are quite significant part of determining the quality score in PPC ads. Here are some of the ad extensions which can prove to be quite helpful for improving the quality scores. Some of them are as follows:

Location: This kind of an extension is quite useful for location targeted campaigns.

Call: By displaying your phone number on your ad, people can call you directly from the search results page.

Review: If anyone from a third party site gives you a good review, you can mention it below your ad by using a review extension.

Relevancy & Quality of Landing Page Content

landing page

The landing page content has to be quite relevant. Your keywords have to be used in the title and the meta description as well for your landing pages. Keywords also have to be used within the content including especially the headlines. A good alternative is to use a customized landing page for each of your ad groups. Applying all that will give a real boost to your quality score. The exact way it has to be worked out is that you include the keyword within the headline as well in the landing page url of the ad.

You also need to write quality content which is free of spelling and grammar errors. Make sure that you create compelling headlines and that the landing page is easily navigable. A web designer working has to be quite careful about the designing of your landing page. Providing a clear explanation of what the business does, the contact information and detail about any other relevant organizational credentials will surely add to the required quality content.

Negative Keywords   

Negative keywords are keywords which you add to PPC campaigns or ad groups that you don’t want Google to consider and rather want it to be ignored by the search engine giant. It is important to eliminate such searches from the paid campaigns which don’t have any relevance and to weed out any undesirable results. Negative keywords in a way also eliminate possibilities of having common short tail keywords which do not hold much significance.

Delete Keywords with Low Quality Score

You have to be careful about using keywords with a low quality score. Those with a score of 1 or 2 will have to be considered for deleting. Avoid having any low quality score keywords in your campaign as it will hurt your overall positions and placements of the paid ads. Improve Google Adwords Quality Score by using all these described techniques.

There had been some confusion that whether pausing such low quality scores can also serve the same purpose. However it was concluded that low quality score keywords should be deleted instead of simply pausing them. The advice here is to pause them in case you need to correct them/modify them. However in case you don’t plan to pause them, simply delete them.

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