Social Media Marketing Tips for 2016

social media marketing tips for 2016

Social Media Marketing has become an inseparable part for businesses to promote and market their business. It is hard to imagine any business not practicing social media marketing strategies to carve a niche within its intended audience. Marketers require Social Media Marketing tips for 2016 to make the most out of this massive reach to the online audience.

Though it is much more cost effective than the other traditional means of marketing methods, social media marketing has become extremely competitive and it is so rapidly changing with every passing day, it is quite challenging to keep up with the changing paradigms and trends. Here are some tips which you can follow to keep your business booming throughout the year.

Post Consistently and Frequently

Posting content once a while or irregularly won’t help a bit. For many social media platforms, you need to post consistently and on a daily basis. Your content should be interesting, relevant and original. You should be able to outline your posting schedule, frequency, and the type of content you plan to publish. The most critical reason of not getting forgotten by people is to refresh their memory and keep them posted with relevant information as per the niche and interesting events which will increase audience engagement.

Building Communities around Hashtags

Hashtags can be used to develop and build communities of fans, followers and advocates. Using hashtags can help you deliver your message and take it across various social media platforms. Using Hashtags in your social media campaigns can very well increase your impressions on Twitter, increase user engagement and likes on Facebook and encourage users to talk more about your product, thus increasing its visibility. Encouraging usage of trending hashtags and expanding your search enhances marketability and promotes your product, makes it easier to communicate with your niche audience, while expanding your search at the same time.

Building Infographics

Digital audience adore and appreciate Infographics. The reason is quite simple. Through the usage of Infographics, it is possible to convey the main idea in quite a visually appealing way instead of a boring way. In fact, Infographics can also be shared on various social media platforms and generally invoke a great response within the online audience.

Use a Social Media Management Tool

For making your life easier and more accurate, you can use a social media management tool to publish content across various platforms, conduct social media analysis and measure the success of your campaigns,.  You can also schedule posts well in advance. The use of a social media tool enables you to become more organized and efficient in managing your social media platforms. You will also be able to use a single social media dashboard and access all your social media feeds in one platform.


Simply posting is not enough to promote yourself within social circles of your niche. You need to also interact with other people within your domain. Whenever you want to mention any influencer or a celebrity within your domain to get noticed you need to mention @right before their twitter handle in your message to get noticed. Besides broadcasting your own, there is a need to reply to other posts even if they don’t mention you. Other interactions include retweeting and linking posts by other people. Encourage interaction and communication within your community members. In case you have shared a link, you should also ask for feedback from the audience and their opinions on the posting. Consider your social media posts as a conversation between yourself and the entire community.

Power Of Images

Websites like Instagram driven mainly by images. The other major social media platform which is driven by images is Pinterest. You can add images to your social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. You can even use various tools, such as Canva to add attractive images to make your posted content more interesting and engaging for the audience. Also, add twitter cards while posting on Twitter so that you can make your Tweets more attractive so that they are able to stand out in heavy text environment. It is perfect for launching and introducing new products and increasing conversions.

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