Top Personality Traits that make a Great Leader

Here are the top leadership qualities which in our opinion should be possessed by every leader as their attributes.

It is not an easy task to quantify the essential characteristics of perfect leadership or to be called as a remarkable leader. It is a rather challenging process but at the end of it, the rewards you garner for your company are phenomenal.


The foundation of a professional relationship – just like any personal relationship is always based on honesty. Honesty is something you should incorporate as a key value in your team. Since you are responsible for your entire team, therefore it is very well evident that raising the bar high is important since your team will be a reflection of how you conduct yourself. By promoting and encouraging the standards set by you, the organization led by you will become healthy and a friendly place to work for. Besides, your workers will feel great when you have established core values for yourself as well as the business which they will follow.



Remarkable leaders have a positive aura around them. They have a lot of positive energy which they radiate down to their team members. They always seem to find a solution every time to challenges that come in their way and always avoid pessimistic thinking. The way for an organization to prosper is to find constructive and new ways as well as avenues to get people work efficiently as a team. Motivating with positive articulation and guidance for your team will do wonders for inspiring them.


A great leader should have a compelling vision for his organization. It is vital for a leader to have a roadmap to see where actually is his organization going and the ability to carve the best way to achieve the end results for which he is hoping for. A clear vision, single mindedness and discipline is essential to have an organization focus on it’s long term goals and objectives.

A clear vision also enables to align each team member’s job responsibilities with that of the goals of an organization while creating a strong sense of purpose and commitment. An efficient leader has the ability to ultimately put forth his vision and to articulate it to his team members with a single-mindedness to achieve it, while acting upon it at the same time.


It is quite significant for a good leader to communicate his views and vision to his team. If in case, you end up lacking in doing this, then you and your team both will not be able to work seamlessly for the same set of common goals. Making yourself available to your staff in order to talk regularly to them, hearing out their suggestions as well as problems and seeking their opinion on office related issues is important. Being a good listener too is vital. By doing this, your team will be able to trust you and that will boost their morale.


For any good leader to prove himself, he needs to have a thorough knowledge base. Besides having a thorough knowledge, he should also have the ability to improve further, learn new skills and set new standards. Without a thorough knowledge of your own subject, the leadership skills are incomplete.

Being well versed in all the required skills is essential for a successful leader. At the same time, he should also provide employees the essential resources for performing their job while ensuring that they have no difficulty in performing various tasks assigned to them. He would provide the employees the essential resources for performing the job such as time, knowledge and equipment. He would ensure that employees have no difficulty in performing the tasks assigned to them.


Creativity is the ingredient which adds zest and captures people’s attention while moving the organization forward. It is vital for an excellent leader to bring something new to the organization. Creative leaders have the ability to be open minded and they come up with different as well as innovative set of ideas in order to bring drastic changes to their organization. Creating new products and services is healthy for a thriving organization and sets it apart from its competitors – while making them more competitive and sustainable at the same time.


Having a great judgment about things logically and weighing the consequences of making decisions on a long term is one of the inherent abilities required in becoming an effective leader for your organization. A reasonable judgment stems from a leader’s experience as well as having the ability to be able to view issues from multiple perspectives and take decisions accordingly whether to or not to proceed with a set of quality decisions in the long run for the organization. Even when required to take decision on something promptly, a wise leader and has his set of well-ordered priorities and takes his time to consider various set of alternatives as well as the consequences.


Empathy is essential for you as a great leader as it enables you to put yourself in the shoes of others. A true leader demonstrates genuine empathy to his team members which can go a long way in encouraging them to give it their best to the organization they work for. In case of a leader who does not bother to be empathetic to his team, it is almost impossible to connect with them and lead them as well. An empathetic leader is considered more compassionate and considerate towards his team, making you more human in the eyes of your team members. It is also essential to show a sense of respect, genuine concern and motivation for team members to surge ahead in their efforts, notwithstanding the obstacles.

“The Greatest Leader is not the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the Greatest Things”

-Ronald Reagan (40th President of the United States)

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