WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging Apps today with more than 700 million active users. Despite having umpteen fierce competitors, WhatsApp has managed to regain its popularity and is considered one of the most secure and reliable messaging application in the market today. whatsapp tips and tricksThere are more than 30 million messages communicated every day by its users. Here, we are showcasing some valuable and useful WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for handling WhatsApp on your mobile and to make you into a WhatsApp wizard.

Restricting the Access to your WhatsApp profile

If you don’t want to share your profile picture with everyone, WhatsApp offers a feature which enables you to do that. Stalkers can download your picture from your WhatsApp profile and find more about you on the internet and other social media platforms.

In order to avoid that, you can restrict the access to your WhatsApp profile picture to only the people who are in your contact list. Set the profile picture sharing feature to “Contacts Only” in your Privacy menu in order to enable this feature.

Locking WhatsApp

WhatsApp LockAt times we all have to deal with situations when others want to take a sneak peek at our WhatsApp account.  If you have a Android phone and are using WhatsApp or a Blackberry using WhatsApp, there are Apps that can help protect your WhatsApp account from prying eyes.  For doing that, there’s WhatsApp Lock available and for Blackberry owners you can use Lock for WhatsApp.

 Archive Your Chats

Locking WhatsApp

Archiving your chats neither deletes your chats nor creates backups on the chats to your SD card. All it does is that it organizes your conversations. This is convenient for organizing your chats.

You will be able to archive groups and individual chats and they all will not be visible – get disappeared till you pull it down from the chats and tap the Archived Chats tab. To archive all chats, go to Settings> scroll down and then select Archive All Chats.

Stop others from Knowing when you read their Message

It is quite easy to stop someone from showing you read their messages on WhatsApp. When you use the following trick, no one can check out that you have read their messages on WhatsApp.

The catch is however that you will also not be able to see their status regarding whether they have seen your messages or not. Here are the steps you can follow: After opening WhatsApp, click on the Settings option. Go to Settings > Account> Privacy. Now uncheck the Read Receipts.

Adding the Formatting Feature

whatsapp formatting

WhatsApp has finally added the convenience of adding the formatting feature. The App has added the features of bold and italicized formatting option to the messages. For making the text bold and italicized, follow these steps: Add asterisks to both sides of the text and for making them italicized, add underscores to both sides of the text.

Restoring your Privacy – Hide the ‘last seen’ stamp

last seen stamp

WhatsApp will display all your friends when you were last seen online unless you don’t disable this feature. There is a way to hide that in case you don’t want your privacy to be invaded. Go to Settings and then Account > Privacy > Last Seen Timestamp and select Nobody.

This way you will be free to access WhatsApp without others watching when you were last online. The only catch is that once you disable this feature, you won’t be able to see the ‘last seen’ status of others, which seems fair enough.

Deactivate WhatsApp if you Lose your Phone

In case you lose your phone, it’s advisable to immediately activate WhatsApp with the same phone number on a new phone which has a different SIM. WhatsApp has restricted the use by one number on only a single device simultaneously so if you do that, you can immediately block the app from getting used on the phone which you have lost. WhatsApp also provides the convenience of deactivating your account.

Taking Backups of your Chats

whatsapp deleted messages

Although WhatsApp automatically backs up your chats, you can also make a manual backup. On Android, go to Settings> Chat settings and then Backup conversations in order to create a backup. If you have an iOS device, go to Settings>Chat Backup and then tap Back up Now.

Recover your Deleted Messages

deleted messages whatsapp

Usually WhatsApp is customized such that it backs up your messages around 3-4am. This means that in case you would want to recover any deleted messages before it’s next auto backup. However before the next auto backup, you can recover all your messages by following steps:

First, uninstall WhatsApp from your device. Next, reinstall it. Type your phone number into WhatsApp and it will notify you that it has found a backup of your chats. Tap on Restore in order to get all your deleted messages back.

Mute all those Annoying Group Chat Groups

chat rooms

There are many situations wherein we are faced with annoying chat groups which have messages constantly flowing in and out all through the day which can be quite annoying. Don’t worry, you can easily avoid that noise out there. Open the group chat, just tap name of the chat at the top, tap ‘Mute’ and simply select the duration of the mute. 

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